Spring is one of my favorite times of the year...when the the blossoms start adorning the trees like a new fashion trend. I love it. For some reason it is hard to capture the beauty of blossoms...perhaps the excitement of spring...the little dance in one's soul that winter is over and the trees are about to burst forth. Ahhh the cherry blossom...no wonder it is a celebrated flower season. The almond tree blossom is a beauty...like bride in her dazzling whites. If I had been married in the spring I think I might have fancied twigs drenched in blossoms for a bouquet. Alas, I was not married in the spring but in autumn under a canopy of aspen trees dressed in their yellows and reds...figuratively of course because in reality I was married indoors in the pub of an English style bed & breakfast in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. My bridal bouquet was a massive arrangement in an array of burgundy & green flowers...I wore little white "wax flowers" in my hair. I was heading to San Francisco and as the song goes...with flowers in my hair. Woah, now was that for a random digression of nothingness. I am procrastinating you see, because tomorrow we are hosting a kids b-day party for my almost 6 year old. The theme is Lego and as we speak I have Lego spread all over the living room floor, carefully color and sized grouped for the various activities entailing Lego for tomorrows festivities. Such as a pinata (stuffed with Lego and other prizes), Lego on a spoon race, Lego hunt and a team building game. As I write I SHOULD be baking a cake (or 2), whipping up waffles (to freeze & re-heat for tomorrow morning), cleaning the toilet and all that birthday bash kinda jazz. I love birthdays and celebrations of any kind but the day before I always wish I could just pick up a cake and some birthday hats and call it good...but I can't. Oh Heavens!

As I was out and about this morning gathering the sundries I stopped by my local Anthropologie (am I lucky or what...my favorite store...especially for window shopping) and picked up this little fella! I have been eyeing him for quite some time now but I thought I deserve a little reward for dropping 10 pounds. I am waiting to drop a few more so I can go clothing shopping before heading across the pond. Woo wee.


  1. Way to go on the 10 lbs!! I am glad you treated yourself to something. It is important to celebrate small successes. I am rejoining WW on Tues in my own journery to lose the last few pounds.

    Also thanks for the spring pics, I am so in need of spring arriving, with so much snow on the ground it seems so far off. Calendar wise it is only 3 weeks away!!!

  2. AWSOME Nicole - I hit -6 yesterday so I was feeling pretty good also. That B-Day cake your talkin about yikes... would be my downfall! Hope all goes well with the party and can't wait to see the pictures!

  3. 10 pounds, that's awesome. So those dusty old weights aren't so dusty anymore :) The owl is adorable and I just love the Lego-o-rama. Happy b-day Jude. Wish we could be there to celebrate and smash the pinta.


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