weekend projects

As promised, the princess in her mumu...she wanted everyone to see her "long long" hair...Moments earlier the hair had been tied up into clever & tidy ponytail knots. Girls!

Last week when Jude was sick from school we went fabric shopping. Jude chose this sock monkey print...voila new pj's. Pj pants are quite possibly the easiest things to make. I have several other sewing projects on the go for this week. Just call me "Sewin Ma Chine"!


  1. Delsie is the cutest little girl ever! and I have to agree, making PJ pants rocks! I've made like....probably 20 pairs over the last 6 years or so - so quick and easy and rewarding - and who couldn't love fleece and flannel!!

  2. So cute! I really like the dress. I love the pj pants and the shirt, cute!

  3. There you go.....inspiring me again!


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