valentine...be mine

A bowl of homemade goodies...for the many Valentine parties the kids went to and for a few loved ones near and far...a little glue, a few hearts (not freehand...hello punches) and a sale tag with ribbon. Kid friendly, mama friendly and more importantly made with love.

Speaking of love, I dragged myself out of bed a little earlier than usual...and whipped up some toast (too lazy for pancakes)...heart shaped, of course, served with berries (no, not local...a post for another day!), a homemade scone with hot cocoa...complete with pink sprinkles.
The love notes were in the form of books, naturally, Delsie received another Fancy Nancy book and Jude a new chapter book. We love books around here.
So , today, because I do not have enough going on in my little life, I decided to rearrange the furniture in our house...I moved Jude into Delia's room...aiming for sibling love...they were thrilled of course, Jude exclaimed "Just like Beezus and Ramona!" (I told you we love books!). I turned Jude's room into an"art room/sewing room"...crafts are allowed!. Then I rearranged the set up in our bedroom, dusted, swept and decluttered. To top it off I moved a couple pieces out of the living room and kitchen. We have so much junk...I foresee a trip to the Goodwill in my future..to drop off!

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  1. Nicole,

    As always, I'm put to shame when I see all you accomplish! But...I'm learning to not covet this year, so I will rejoice that you are you and I am me! I do love the tablecloth...did you sew it? Also, a while ago you mentioned Judah loves Magic Treehouse. So does Kassia...I found almost the entire series at a second hand Goodwill type store here...for $4.00! You might want to check. Happy Heart Day to you and yours.



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