tote love for Amy

A few weeks ago my dear cousin, whom I have not seen in many many years wrote me and asked me to make a tote bag for her...a bag to tote her healthy lunch to work in. Bravo, Amy for healthy lunches and hurrah for reusable totes. So I put my thinking cap on and pulled out my various sewing books...the thing to do these days if you are an independent artist/craftsperson is to write and publish your own book complete with patterns, tutorials and tidbits of crafting information. When I find, borrow or buy these books I pour over them as though they are novels, reading and re-reading the goodness...the morsels of sewing heaven. I have so much to learn. Finally I decided on the appropriate tote and then I decided on all the things I would change and add on to create the perfect healthy lunch tote.
Items to consider:
  • washable
  • durable
  • dark color bottom to hide the dirt
  • inner pocket for moola & ipods
  • length of straps
  • function...beyond original purpose (what if Amy stops eating healthy but needs a book bag?!)

So this is what I came up with adapting patterns from "Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts" and "Lotta Jansdotter", keeping in mind Amy's favorite colors and my own perimeters...might I add this is my favorite sewing project to date...I had so much fun with it and I think I am finally get to know a trick or two in this whole sewing business...

Inside lining is red with an ample pocket complete with a fruit applique...

to remind us to get 5-7 servings a day!

A roll up lap placement...for impromptu picnics or eating at one's desk...keeping the crumbs off the keyboard! Let's unroll it...

I didn't have matching plastic utensils...though to be "green" Amy can use her regular flatware. Complete with a cotton reusable napkin.
In the tote bag I also included a bento box...a favorite way to control portions and plus bento boxes are so cute and have many uses other than holding leftovers.


  1. Yay! I love it! Great photos! I think you should make this project the template for many more. Perhaps a little lunch tote business? I'm a very satisfied customer and will recommend you.

  2. You did such a good job. I think you should have an etsy shop! I love the cloth you used.

  3. Wow, I was going to say what Chatty said, it is fantastic!!

  4. You just keep on keeping on at getting better at all this. Terrific and I love it!

  5. VERY cool Nicole and I also sense a business venture for you my dear! Get SAJ to design you a logo, I could be a back up seamstress and you'd be set!!

  6. Awesome. I love your added touches. And of course the beautiful fabrics. The item is inspiring. I think even Amy Karol would be impressed.


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