Wahoo...Mama got a new camera!! This is what happens in a marriage when one half bets on a Superbowl football pool and the other (better) half poo poos the idea of gambling. As it has been from the beginning of our marriage...when John wins I get a new pair of shoes...not this time. Hello Nikon D70. Seriously, we researched new cameras to up grade our Sony cybershot, we already have a Nikon D200...which we love...most of my photos are taken on that baby. We researched the D40(didn't care for the WB settings) and the D80 (too pricey) and then bing bang boom good old Craigslist flashed us a pretty little offer and there you have it...I got a new camera. Thanks honey.

Curiosity got the cat, or at least the ribbons of a drawstring bag...a birthday gift for a sweet-just-turned-5 friend of Delia's. What is in the bag? I was hoping you would ask...

A twirly skirt and an embellished tee. I love the fabric...so old fashioned...got love sepia tones. I love when little girls wear colors other than pink or purple...most of the time.
Today was one of those trying kinda days...where what can go wrong will go wrong...okay not the whole day but from approx. noon to 6pm. A good chunk of the day. Jude and I decided, since Delia was staying at school until 3pm, to go for a bike ride. Actually, we could not decide between going for lunch and then riding bikes, cycling to a cafe or eating at home and then going for a ride.
Finally we decided, load the bikes, stop for a quick bite and then ride ride ride. After about 20 minutes of struggling to get the fancy bike rack attached to the trunk of our Jetta, I haul our bikes out(through the house) to the front drive. The pink cruiser was goin' for a spin. The ridiculously heavy bike does not mount on our bike rack.
Resorting to plan B we pump the tires on our bike and decide to ride to a nearby Plaza and get lunch and maybe hit the bookstore.
Let's backup a few steps shall we...as you may recall our cat, Jose, fights with the other orange Tom on the block so Jose has become an indoor cat...which means we close the door and leave him in the house. Second factoid: our landlords just replaced our front door and also put in a ghetto safety security door (we do not live in the ghetto but our city is known for its high crime rate).
Okay, back to the bikes. Our bikes are ready to go, Jude has his helmet on and is anxious. "Just a sec, I'll grab a bike lock and my wallet and then we'll go". I race up the steps...the security door is locked...I race back to the car (which is open...the bike rack ordeal) to get my keys.
Ahhh but my keys are in the house, which is locked. Our neighbour with the spare key is not home. Might I add we have a fairly high fence around our backyard with a locked gate (the key is where? in the house).
Finally after much ado, I get into the backyard, check the backdoor...locked. Windows...security locks firmly in place...hidden spare key...gone.
John teaches about a mile away (uphill) and the 2 neighbours I would feel comfortable leaving Jude with are away. Did I mention my car keys were also in the house? So it is an adventure, I rummage around for food in the car for my starving (and tired) son, lock the car and head up the hill in search of a key.
I suppose I needed a slower pace day but quite frankly thought I was aiming for that...a bike ride with Jude. A cruise on my shiny new bike. Alas by the time we got a key, and I ran (alittle extra exercise for the day) back home, collected Jude, took him for lunch it was time to pick up child number 2 and thus the adventure was over...or was it just beginning...


  1. What a story! I need to remember to make an extra key for our house. Or two!

  2. Congrats on the new camera! My sister has the D70 and I covet that thing everytime I see it! I am willing to settle for the D40 but I've been meaning to tell John (or you, I suppose, I did see you on Sunday) that a new D60 was just announced. Ah well, doesn't matter now. I will start to covet your camera from now on......

  3. your hair looks super cute twirling out from behind your camera
    did you get it cut?

  4. Ack! What a day! We had a similar week last week--both sets of keys locked in the truck, a lost wedding ring, and a lost wallet. Thankfully all was solved - AAA-1 lock & key only charged us $45 to open the truck, the wedding ring was found when the bed was made (should do that more often) and the wallet was found in the garbage. Yay!

    I LOVE the skirt/shirt and agree that the colors are wonderful.

  5. Ooo, the skirt and t are so cute!
    What an adventure you had...I can just imagine!


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