oooh a jelly

Of course this amazing photo, taken by my beloved, has nothing to do with today's post, however I can not post without a photo and I am running a fever so I can not bear to go out and snap a clever and appropriate photo for the blog.
Am I lazy? Perhaps!
I am however sick and tired of being sick...we have been sick in varying degrees in this house for over 2 weeks. I have had a cold most of that time but I can not bear taking cold medication because it makes me jittery, nervous and crazy...heaven knows I don't need any help in that department. I will take Advil but last night I broke down in my full on coughing spell mixed with a fever and took a nighttime cold med. I am happy to report that it did not make me crazy but knocked me out. I still feel lousy and feverish this morning but I got some Advil.
The kids are at school so I am going curl up on the couch and watch a movie and doze.
One down, two to go...the hens are relocating.
Our friend Eric, took the Americaua (Dixie..the only healthy hen of the flock) and now we need to place the other hens. I called a farm animal rescue place but they reprimanded me (and made me cry...I did have a fever though!) for not being a responsible pet owner. However, after the guilt trip, told me they could not take sick chickens. Nice. Back in the day (the farm day of my parents youth) an ill hen would be killed. But here in the backyard coop I am at a loss as to what to do. I will say when Camilla & Penny are relocated, I am tearing down the chicken run and giving the coop away(our friend Eric wants to raise pigeons! See there are folk crazier than me!). I will try again with chickens when I have a true farm or at least a small plot of land in the country.
Stay posted.
For the record I am not a terrible pet owner as the rescue center lady suggested...they are chickens for crying out loud and I am not vegan...I eat chicken.
Speaking of eating I found an amazing food blog. Check it out.
I am out of here...to rest my weary body.

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