napping the day away

This is what I wanted to do all day today but alas I am not a cat but a mom so therefore I needed to shuttle kids to school, locate a pinata, pick up Lego's and launder the bedding...not to mention all the other motherly duties that must happen in the course of a day...breaking up fights, cooking meals, cleaning litter boxes etc etc. You get the idea. Really I shouldn't complain because I have a great job/life/family but today I woke up with a headache and I still have it at 9 pm so all day I wanted to curl up like Jose and nap the day away. Perhaps when the kids are in college. Perhaps I should go to bed now instead of blogging. Perhaps.

On another note, tonight is "Biggest Loser" night...am I working out while I am watching?? NO! I am blogging and baking. Do I feel guilty? NO! I walk twice today and burned a few extra calories. Generally, I would avoid baking while watching BL but it's my job. Yeah, my side job...I bake scones for a tea room. A little unknown factoid about me! One of these days I ought to post a random little know facts post...wouldn't that be fun...let me see what I could come up with.

As a final note you must, if you live in the U.S and especially if you have kids, you must buy this book. My kids are obsessed with Presidents...did you know there were 6 Presidents names James? Four named William? Do you know which President played the flute? the violin? Who was the best looking President? See, I didn't know until this little book changed our lives! Seriously I may have a child (son) that borders on the obsessive side of things. When he was 2 he always lined his airplane toys up in the same order...every time, every day. Did I mention Jude turns 6 next week? Ack!


  1. I felt the same way today (nappy, headachey etc)... must be something in the atmosphere! Instead we spent the day in the city, but in a relaxing way. Lattés, the paper and magazines at Starbucks and then off to Target to buy a baby gift for a friend. It was a nice day. I can't believe Jude is going to be 6, it seems we just heard news of his birth yesterday! :)

  2. My youngest Cody would love that book. He just the day before yesterday got extra credit for standing in front of the class and saying all of the presidents in order! i"ll have to look for that one, thanks Nicole.

  3. You're a scone-baker on top of it all! You ARE Wonderwoman!


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