love notes

Last Thursday I was sick with a fever and went to bed early, to wake on Friday to find many, many love notes taped in various places in around the house...most of them in our bedroom.

On the seat of my pink cruiser...don't you keep your bike in your bedroom? Come on.

So sweet, so thoughtful...love on a water glass...a place I surely wouldn't miss it.

Above my pillow on the bedframe. Yes, the bike and beyond.

What can I say? I am loved. Fortunately, I beat the fever by Friday evening but am still battling a killer cough. Arg. I even broke down and used cold meds. My immune system is weakened by my eye issues...which by the by are getting better. I spent all day Saturday playing with the kids, cleaning out the empty chicken coop (yes the chickens flew the coop! So to speak...this subject is officially closed until I have my acreage) and sewing. I am so glad I took up the craft of sewing...I am finally getting the hang of hems, linings and pockets. Photos to be posted tomorrow...and beyond since some of the items are for a certain faithful blog reading cousin.

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