is wii exercise????

Does Wii count as exercise?
I doubt it...but in a moment of desperation I might suggest that I could burn a few extra calories during a family bowling game...couldn't I....what if I played for hours and hours would that count? Maybe I could just go for a family bike ride instead...if the rains stays away!
  1. So, I like reality TV, not all of it, I am selective: Amazing Race, Project Runway, Biggest Loser and Top Chef. Tuesdays are "Big Loser Night"...John is off playing hoop (not last night...he was away skiing) and I am sitting on the sofa like a bofa...last night it finally occured to me...if the folks of "Biggest Loser" can stand on a scale on national television wearing a sports bra or less than I could surely get up off my bum and exercise while watching. Out came the hand weights (note the layer if dust...yeah I use these every day!! NOT!) and yoga mat. I lifted, lunged, plied, pulled out a few pilates moves and pump out some push ups. Heck, if those folks can do it then surely I can do my part to cheer them on. Of course, as I write tonight I am watching "Project Runway" and not exercising...come on folks it's fashion not "sweating to the oldies"!
Seriously though, I did this workout today and did a hike/run (we live at the base of a hill so I hike up and run down). I burned off a few calories. Yes, I joined the ranks of January resolution folks bound and determined to lose the extra weight and get in shape. I had barely exercised since my eye surgery and I saw photos of me at Christmas and realized something drastic must happen. So let the counting points begin and the exercising take flight. We are headed to Czech in a month and I want to be in the photos and happy about it. I need Bob & Jillian (B.L coaches).

Hello sneakers! Good bye poundage!


  1. Anything that gets you moving is exercise! Good for you -- :)

  2. Of course Wii is exercise! If you have any doubts, wait until May 19th. That is when WiiFit comes out. Exercise game on the Wii! That ought to settle your conscience.

  3. i love the nod to wayne's world. we need to bring that back!

  4. I love the dusty hand weights. I pulled mine out in November and find myself pumping them during commericals. It's great to have them in eye shot to remind your to pick them up. I also just printed out the Weighter Watchers walk challenge. I started on it Wednesday and hope to get through the 16th week.

    Just rememeber that any little extra movment counts, even Wii playing and sledding.


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