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Yes, I've been at it again...a little sew'n machine...I can't get enough of it. Of course the learning curve is still curv'n but with each project my confidence increases. The above project was for yet another little gal turning 5...a twirling skirt...adapted with out the ribbon tie and a matchy matchy tote (made without a pattern...but of course with a pocket). Little raspberries all over print skirt with a mini calico hem & waistband. Perfect score from my stash of fabric and perfect for a young'un.

I love a pocket. I remember when I first got married and sat around all day eating bon bons like I do now...I decided to take a quilting class at a local sewing machine shop...I loved it but it never took...someday I will make a quilt...maybe this year. Anyways, I decided to sew my mom a Mother's Day apron...lovely calico fabric but horribly sewn and of course without a pocket...I don't think my mom ever had an apron without a pocket before. You must have a pocket on your apron for your hanky. Yes, I know most people use throw away tissues but not me...I am hanky toting gal...vintage hankies or retro wanna be's. Mom, send me the apron and I'll fix the crinkly (bad interfacing choice) waistband and put on a pocket or two. Let me right the wrong!

Amazing but it's true my 2-4 hour sewing projects are actually taking 2-4 hours. Yesterday, in our "craft room" I was sewing away and Jude was drawing and all the time listening to a book on CD. So down home of me.

Check out the above stack of fabric...I popped into the fabric store to pick up a couple yards of twill tape and left with a small stash. All good...check out the owl flannel...a pj swap for a pilates reformer workout; floral flannel for future pj's for Dels and perhaps a rice bag. The aqua fabric will likely be a dress for my girl...I am going to attempt a pattern with a zipper...oooo I am so big time!

I do not need anymore fabric...in fact I need to start using what I have in this overflowing 100 qt tote. A few weeks ago this stash was neatly folded and ready to be used but then the room switch-a-roo happened and now I am having trouble committing to a "craft/art/sewing room" so the stash is shoved into a tote next to the sewing machine. How can I be so organized in one area of my life and such a diaster in another area? I will commit to dealing with the out of control fabric this upcoming week.

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  1. Ohhhhh keep it up! Someday if I can get in there and at a decent angle I will try and get a picture of my 25+ year stash. AWFUL but sooo fun! I need to get busy and use it though Ü I just love that twirly skirt you keep making - such a cute pattern. Wish I was a 2T Ü


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