Do you know what day it is today?

Do you know what day it is today?
First day without chocolate day?
Wednesday February 6th?
Actually it is Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent.
What does that mean to me, a non catholic, non orthodox, bible believing Christian?
It means 40 days of no chocolate...my yearly Lent is chocolate as it seems to be the one thing I crave, desire and demand the most. I actually had my "last" taste of chocolate today because yesterday (Mardis gras) I was sick and forgot to gorge. I only had a small taste today so that means I need to wait until after Easter to have the next sampling...which for me means chocolate in Europe...we are only 6 weeks away from our big holiday! Back to Lent... if I really observed Lent in the way that it was intented I would fast and give up meat and spend much more time in prayer (and repent). Usually I give up chocolate without to much acknowledgement of what I could be doing to improve my walk with the Lord. Perhaps everytime in the next 40 days that I want to eat chocolate I could pick up my bible and read a couple of verses. Maybe even memorize a couple verses.
How would that change me? What would I learn? Let's find out?
Do you observe Lent?
What are you giving up? What are you taking up?
What will you learn? How will you be changed?
the above photo has nothing to do with Lent or chocolate...just a photo of yesterdays breakfast...festive for Valentine's Day.
is anyone else having issues with spell check...what is the deal!!


  1. Ooo - very pretty tablecloth in that photo.

    I, too, am observing lent - although a bit differently this year. I'll be posting about it soon. Thanks for mentioning scripture memorization. You've inspired me to incorporate that in my time of 'fasting'.

  2. I'm doing lent as well - it's something that I don't do every year but when I do it well, it really does help prepare me for Easter. I've learned that the three traditional elements of lent are prayer (or devotional habits), fasting (giving something up) and almsgiving (or some type of service), all starting with a time of repentance. I'm going to try to do all three.
    On a related note, since you mentioned chocolate, you might want to do a google search on chocolate and slavery. The results are devestating... If you want to do something about it, I suggest checking out stop the traffik (they have a website).

  3. Yay! (and I mean that in a good way) Another victim of the elusive Spell-Check curse. I've been afraid to use it for fear of losing by entire post.

  4. not that spell check would know I meant 'my' instead of 'by'

  5. Although not observing lent, I too am having (and continue) to have issues with spell check on blogger. I have no idea what the cause is, but on a few occasions I have copy and pasted my text into Word, spell checked it and then repasted it in Blogger.

    Love the heart mug.

  6. I got here through the bloggy maze and thought I would let you know that I gave up fast food (which to me MOSTLY means hamburgers and french fries, tator tots, waffle fries), mostly fried stuff for Lent. Good luck with yours. I will need it too! :-)


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