W.B 88

As promised...the heart shaped bowl that stored my semi precious baubles (see yesterday's post)...the bottom of this heart is engraved W.B 88...A 20 year old heart lovingly created by Wendy in the neighbours garage up the street. Thank you Wend-a-loo ...I have cherished it and will continue to for 20+ more years to come. Inside this heart are a few random treasures...pieces of abalone, a Canadian penny from 1972 (the year I was born) and a heart shaped stone...a little collection I have. In fact the favors at our wedding were heart shaped rocks. I always think of the rocks as love notes from God.

There is something about a box of Lego. Do you remember the legos of your youth? The kids are currently into building these fabulous little shapes into elaborate designs (the Lego instructions). Whatever happened to just building rectangle houses on the flat green squares with the little windows and lattice fence pieces. What do you remember building? Now Lego is all about following an instruction manual and check out the pink and teal colors available these days...I still love stacking those little squares.
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  1. Ah, Lego! We usually built the structure (castle, spaceship, whatever)in the instructions first, then quickly grew bored of that and started to create our own versions. Can't wait to have some kiddos so I can start playing with Legos again!

  2. Yeah I miss the set with the door, windows and little man in the red shirt and blue pants!

  3. I remember building flat bottom boats and little trucks and cars without instructions. We would dig tunnels in the backyard and create a lake with a bowl. Then zoom are cars and putter our boats around. Of course crashing into one another. It was truly fun. Ah, legos, such great memories. Happy building.


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