snippets of Christmas past

I know it is the new year and time to move on but I still need to showcase some of the "makeies" from Christmas past...maybe I could just post on Picasa or Flickr like the rest of the world but alas I am still in vacation mode...lazy days of all day pj wearing and Wii bowling...who has time to upload,edit and post photos. I will say I am ready to be back into the regular school routine...mostly so I can have an hour or two to myself to ride my new bike, sew a tote or have a nap...ahh Monday morning I am waiting for you arrival.

The above photo are the tote bags for my cousins children, Bailey & Alexa to open on Christmas Eve...I made pj bottoms and appliqued t-shirts to match and the kids painted & glittered the gift tags. The 4 older kids matched by color...but of course the opportunity to take a photo came & went and I missed it...family if you have one please send it my way! Below are the pj's I made for my kids.

I was a zippered pouch sewing queen...all the ladies received one on Christmas day...I think I made 9 total. The pattern is from Amy Karol's book. A great book by the by. Check it out.

Yesterday was a huge rain storm here in the Bay area check out these photos...an incredible amount of rain. Speaking of incredible we went to see Body Worlds...if it comes to your neck of the woods go and see it...you will have a new appreciation for your body and how it works...if you are a smoker you will probably quit after seeing the lungs and body of a smoker!


  1. I admire your crafty-ness! :)

  2. I love the pj's! You are such an artist!


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