public apology

To those of you out there that faithfully read my blog and write me notes at the email address stated on the sidelines I do apologize from the depths of heart for the scatterbrain I have been...Gmail is not my regular email address and I plum forgot that I need to periodically check that email...which I did today and discovered numerous messages awaiting replies. I have replied to them all and you know who you are so please find it in your heart to forgive my absentminded lameness. Thank you. Now onto the nothingness of today's blog posting.

On Saturday morning I woke up all miserable and sore throat like...perhaps it was the Persephone cocktail I had the evening before but highly unlikely since I am such a huge drinker!! Not! Truth be told I have had a few days of yucky-fighting-the-bugs kinda days...NO! I am not "with child". Back to Saturday morning...I decided not to go to the pilates class I just started taking on Saturday mornings...I stayed home and shuffled around the house for a couple hours before eventually after an errand or two decided I needed a dose of sunshine...it was glorious-could-be-spring kinda day and the front garden needed a wee bit of attention since it has been sadly neglected (like my Gmail account!). Have I ever mentioned that I love to garden? Well, I do. In fact I fondly recall when we first moved here almost 4 years ago that my first project was to tackle was the garden and sometimes I would be out there late into the evening pulling weeds, transplanting seedlings and generally nurturing the garden via a headlamp. A wee bit nutsy but hey if it is nutsy you are looking for then I have got it...as if you haven't noticed.

I yanked weeds, trimmed back plants and cleaned up the flowerbeds while John mowed the sad sad patch we call lawn (at least it is green right now! Gotta love California winters!), trimmed the unruly butterfly bush and Angel trumpet...between the 2 of us we filled the green recycling bin, feed the chickens some yummy greens and added to the compost pile. Now we have to wait until next week for en empty green bin to tackle the back garden.
I'd rather not say "yard" because of the English who refer to a "yard" as an ugly brick place...they use "garden" to describe a more lovely setting. So genteel of me! Always on the look out for the lovelies.
Today we woke to rain so good thing Saturday was a work-in-the-garden-before-a-party kinda day. Today was more of a sit-on-your-bum-surf-the-net kinda day. Tomorrow is a get-back-in-the-swing-of-real-life kinda day. Wahoo!

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