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Oh, you know how much I hate the photo-less posts but I forgot to add some good news into this weeks posts...I won a blogging award from a fellow blogger...have a look-see (scroll down). I am so honored...Thank you Anna. Incidentally, Anna's mother was my first piano teacher before Anna was even born!! Amazing but true I am an old lady...either that or Anna is very very young...or both perhaps! Okay, I guess I am suppose to link 10 more blogs with this award however I am not a team player and hate to pick favorites, see the post earlier this week and I often include links to other folks blogs and Anna already chose some of my cousins and just like chain letters and recipe circles I rebel against passing it onward. Unless of course it is a "Pay it Forward" kinda deal...like the movie. Am I allowed to accept the award if I can not play the game properly. You decide if I am worthy or not...if I am then you are awarded the "E" award.

The kids are on the mend, thank you everyone for your prayers and kind words. I kept Jude home from school again today...to be on the safe side...we had a bit of a mother/son day which included a trip to the bookstore to spend a Christmas gift card (he is crazy about the "Magic Treehouse" series); a quick stop at the fabric store to choose flannel for a new pair of pj pants (and a quick lesson on color palettes!) and lunch at Starbucks. I relish those times we get, just the 2 of us. Enjoy your weekend everyone...stay warm, stay dry and stay inspired.
Oh by the by...I purchased a domain name...something I have wanted to do for quite sometime...now I need to take a web design class. Bring it on!


  1. Gosh a domain name, I have been wanting one too but have been unable do decide on a name.
    You are welcome for the award and I noticed you are actually a double awardee. (is that even a word?)
    I too am a chain letter rebel and do not pass on any of those forward to 6 people or get struck by lighning e-mails either. This was an exception for me, and why I changed the rules!

    Impitego is such a pain!!! Glad your kids are on the mend, we just got over it again here last week. Ugh!

  2. You are definitely allowed to accept the award without playing along. Anna said so and so do I!

    Congrats on the domain name.... building a website would be so much fun!

  3. I didn't realize I was nominated twice...thanks also to Chatty!


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