one of those days

Ever have one of those days...

(photo: Elephant Seal...photographer: John)

Today is a "blustery sorta day", to quote Winne the Pooh.

Cold, rainy and on the heels of many sick days...the folks of this house have been in varying degrees of unhealth...pink eye, impetigo (which turned out to also be poison oak), stomach bug, fevers, day/night time coughing spells and general achiness and unrest. Lovely.

I feel a bit icky and have coughed up about 1/2 lung...feeling yucky makes me want to eat chocolate...which is turn will make me feel & look like the little lady pictured above. Oh joy! Oh bliss!

Today I had 6, count 'em six, little Dove chocolate hearts...so yummy...what can I say, my willpower for reducing calories is shot when I am tired, sick and cooped up! 6 is 1 serving!

Do you ever have those "chores" that sit around your house forever waiting to be accomplished? Well I have several of them stacked up for a rainy day and so yesterday I tackled the "enter receipts into Quicken" chore. Receipts stashed in a box since mid-October. If I entered them in on as come basis this would not be a chore. I am on the computer EVERY day so surely I can set aside 2 precious minutes of blog surfing to enter that days expentures. Apparently I can not since today's receipts are sitting beside me as I blog! Nonetheless I logged about 75 minutes of receipt entry yesterday and I have learned some fasinating things about myself.

  1. I shop too much.

  2. I frequent Target far too often.

  3. We eat out more than neccesary.

  4. We swing by Safeway regualrly but rarly spend more than $20 (groceries=Trader Joes)

  5. I spoil our children with books & hot cocoa.

  6. I need to stop CONSUMING and just say "No"

  7. Quicken needs to be utilized more often.

I suppose if I stayed home more I would spend less...except at Amazon! The other thing I learned about myself this week is...I can not stand "pretend" sugar or sugar free. I already knew this because I mush prefer "real" food but this confirms my hunch. I ordered a "skinny cinnamon dolce latte" the other day, while at Target (0f course) since I had a hankering for something sweet...Yuck-O! Never again. Infact I had to throw the latte out...not worth the calories. I so rarely get a flavored coffee drink but next time I will resist the marketing campaign for "skinny" flavored drinks. If I had stayed home and not shopped this would not have happened. Will I ever learn?

spell check is not working so please bear with me!


  1. Wow, you are normal! My list might look a little different than yours because I have no kids, but believe me, you are normal.

    I can't stand skinny latté's either or any type of non-fat or sugar free coffee drink, ick.

  2. Glad I was not the only one stricken by the spell check not working, I feel kinda like a dud without it.
    I had one of 'those days' too but got nothing done, my list, well, I guess if I put it to paper that might help, or I might just curl up in a ball and cry, I am sure it will be longer than I am tall.

    Knowing you got suff done gives me a push, I should get off here and do something.

  3. I think that when you are sick, calories do not count. I believe that your body needs the calories and fat to heal itself so eat away. That is my unscientic study. The same goes for winter so I haven't been eating properly for like 5 months now. I hope the fam is feeling better soon.


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