A mumu for a 4 year old...I made this 2-4 hour pattern in about 2 days! Not suppose to be a mumu but it turned out a bit that way...oh well. C'est la vie! In the past 2 days I also made two pillow covers...to be shown tomorrow...and I have the fabric ready for the next project...a lunch tote for a cousin. I am enjoying sewing these days but wish I had a sewing/craft room to spread out and work on multiple projects at one time...have I mentioned this before...I have a short list of "projects" I want to work on this week. 3 down 4 to go! I forgot to mention that I altered the mumu pattern ever so slightly, instead of enclosing elastic in a casing for the sleeves and neck I used elastic thread in the bobbin case and attempted a shirring kinda look. Surprise, surprise it worked but I definitely have room for improvement...with shirring & ruffles. Give me a few more dress projects to get it right! Patience, darling!
Delia refused to put on her new dress today, "I wore it yesterday, Mom!". Thus the hanger in the lemon tree. Oh dear!


  1. I love it my girls would LOVE that! I like the different patterns!


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