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In the spirit of the New Year and the great need I have to reorganize, spurge and replenish I decided that my few special baubles deserved a space of honor...something other than the heart shaped pottery piece my sister created for me when she was about 8...though it is lovely and special (I'll take a photo tomorrow). Several months ago the cats (back when we had 2 cats) had a midnight fight atop my dresser and thus the demise of a bizarre art deco ceramic hand from which my jewelery perched. As you may recall I hinted heavily for this on my Christmas wish list and everyday I watch the mail (Santa where are you?). So, when I saw an article on organizing your jewels I knew I had to hustle on down to Michael's and start crafting. Not bad, not great but clever and organized. These few baubles are in the current rotation and those of you out there who are moms know what a challenge it is to remember to put earrings on or to change your necklace. I can go weeks without wearing earrings or changing my pendant. Then with the changing of the winds I start switch'n up the pieces daily. Oh what a fickle gal I am.

This little fella atop the shadowbox is the last of the Christmas joy around here but I can not bear to let him be packed away as he gives me much joy. Look how regal he is...a proud bird. As for other bouts of organization going on around here...new mascara, blush and powder (since my eye is finally feeling better I can brave makeup again); the straightening & purging of the kids books and games; sorting the spice drawer; and the cleaning out of my "mail center". For the record I did clean up my "bookmarks" which was a New Year goal...one down a zillion to go.


  1. Oooo, I really really like that. You did a good job. I like the hook for the necklaces, is that from Michaels too?

  2. You never fail to inspire me, love it!


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