fabulous suds

Can you spot the dish soap? It is fabulous...the perfect amount of suds and scent (oh so lemony!). The hand soap (grey) is lovely too...Method (which is awesome) peppermint vanilla, oh so yummy. Back on topic. I am always on the lookout for dish soap that is "green" but actually works and smells okay-not too perfume-y! Why do I care so much...well because I am the chief bottle washer around here. That's right folks, I am the dishwasher. You are probably wondering why I do not have a regular dishwasher that you load & unload daily...mostly because I have a tiny (& old) kitchen and there is no room. When we first moved in here we were given one of those portable dishwashers you roll up to your sink to run...ridiculous once again...back to the tiny kitchen with one sink deal. So, here I am ranting about perfect dish soap...J.R Watkins. I love the formula list which includes, dye free, ether free, guilt free and skepticism free. Dish soap with a sense of humor and a bit of sass.

A random shot of my windowsill that was begging to be taken. Left to right... canape shape cutters from the 40's, penny toy horse, vintage cast iron heart mold, thrift find owl and 2 vintage bottles. I need something fun to look at (the window faces the neighbours house...totally uninspiring) when I am washing the endless amount of dishes our family uses.

I am trying to do something creative everyday, just like Paper Source suggests so today I finished the kids memory book from July. A memory book which consisted of random drawings the kids drew & dictated while in Canada; I added photos, and sewed the pages together. Check another item off the to-do list! This little craft project pictured above was a stocking stuffer, I laced the 3 pieces together to create a cheesy owl coin purse key chain. Gotta love owls. Gotta love cheese. Gotta love stocking stuffers you picked out yourself!


  1. Some day I want pom pom trim on curtains in my house. In a nursery... wouldn't that be fun? I'm not hinting, just dreaming.

  2. I love the pom pom dingle berry trim curtains! Chatty beat me to it. I love this little glimpse into your kitchen. So homey.

  3. I NEED that dish soap!!! I cannot use any product with SLS, makes the eczema on my hands bleed....it is hard to find shampoos and hand soap but I have, now dish soap, yay!

  4. Cutest coin purse ever. Love the owl.

  5. Alright - up to date - I read through the posts with a glass of port while under the covers. I am sure by now Delsie is feeling better - shots are the worst - I remember that from when I was a kid. Ouch!


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