don't mind the blur, it's been a blur

We are the house of contagion...the beastly germs of pink eye and ghastly impetigo have hit the kids...Dels & Jude respectively. In both cases we caught it early and it both cases the antibiotics are a flow'n...in the form of eye drops and liquid meds respectively. Poor kids. Poor mama. No school or speech today. Poor mama. Both kids have been cleared for school tomorrow...I will decide for certain on Jude tomorrow am...depending on how his nose/face look. Poor baby. So because it is a rainy day and the kids are sick we got ourselves s couple new Lego kits. The photo above is a mosaic kit...you use the single dot pieces to create a picture on a clear board that you place over a design...or design your own...Delsie's choice. Jude chose a car/helicopter kit...of course! I love to watch them play Lego...a classic toy. I envy those Lego designers to model the 3in1's...so clever.


  1. So sorry to hear about the bugs...we've had our share around here too! So unfun...

    I love your photographs. You are an artist!

  2. oh no my sara now has pink eye! Crazy i never had it i don't know what to do!!! any suggestions? also she hates the eye drops!


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