Delsie Update

We just spent the past 2 hours with the Pediatrician (including x-rays) to figure out why she won't move her left arm and why it is so swollen and red. Turns out she is having a severe reaction to the vacation combo in her left arm (right arm is fine). Poor feverish baby. She was pissy the whole time refusing to let anyone touch her, poke her or x-ray her arm. Strong willed. I did bribe her (& Jude) with a frosty...winning them over with food...shame on me! We are back home and she is medicated and sleeping. I hate it when my kids are sick, my heart breaks for them. Ah, nap time for me too.


  1. Oh poor baby! I am so sorry. Hopefully she is better soon. She is in my prayers!

  2. -thinking about you guys
    -nasty nurses with their "little pokes"
    -hope you all feel better soon
    -lovingly jayne

  3. Hang in there Nicole, you're a wonderful Mom and a champion for Delsie. I hope she's feeling better soon, poor kid!!!

  4. I hope Delsie is feeling better. It was fun hanging out with your beautiful and very smart family on Christmas. ALso the pouch is being used to hold my lip gloss, lotion and hand sanitizer at school. All winter essentials. That reminds me, time for more lip balm.

  5. Oh, gosh, I feel so misserable for complaining! Poor princess!
    Hope all is well now!


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