chicken butt

Hey, chicken butt! Doesn't that sound like something a 7 year old would run around the house chanting..."Chicken butt! Chicken butt!" O bother, I hope not at my house! Chicken butts are, however to fluffy and funny, especially when they are pecking away at the grass and such. I am sorry to report but the ladies are sick...perhaps not all of them but Camilla Cream for sure. Worms. Oh bother! So today after a couple weeks of stalling I finally gave them some dewormer. Now we can't eat their eggs for 4 weeks or so. What is the point of having chickens if you can't eat the eggs? I sometimes wonder if God is trying to tell me something about having chickens. Let me recap: Round 1: 2 were roosters and the 3rd pullet was eaten by a raccoon. Round 2: hens from the chicken rescue place (no I could make that up!) had seemingly never ending bouts of mites and consequently I had to bath them frequently. Round 3 we have roundworm sightings and scrawny breastbones. Ahhh. Perhaps I should go pet free. But I can't...

Speaking of which this is Wyatt, he has lived in our backyard (in a hutch with free range privileges) for almost 4 years with the exception of an extended holiday in my sister-in-law's garden. Wyatt is a mutt version and came to us with a friend "Lil' Joe". However we did not have the fellas fixed and there was far too much partying in the hutch so Lil' Joe went to live at a local preschool about 3 1/2 years ago. Last Saturday, Wyatt also went to live at a new home...a home where he will be loved, cared for and doted on...unlike our back 40...off he went to live at a Waldorf preschool. So long little Wyatt.
Some of you have heard our ongoing trials with our cats...Coop who disappeared several months ago and Jose who is oft inflicted with abscesses. Yesterday, Jose, who is suppose to be an indoor only cat (as of the last vet visit), was in the front garden scraping with the other orange "tom" from up the street...a full on cat fight so much that when I opened the front door and when John leaped out of the car the 2 cats did not stop fighting. There are tufts of cat fur scattered in my lawn and walkway. We do not see...yet...the results but Jose has spent the day napping in the laundry basket so likely there will be a pending trip to the vet. Oh joy oh bliss.
On the upswing of our pet woes we have a "hand-me-down" (the school library cleaned out the tank) clown fish and sea star added to our fish tank.


  1. Well I'm happy to report that Wyatt seemed to do well on the first leg of his journey to the Waldorf school. He was hopping around the house with my niece.

    Sorry about the chickens. You have to make it look easy so I can do it too.

  2. Wow, not only are you a crazy busy do it all mom, you wrangle a bunch of animals! My hat is off to you lady!!!

  3. It sounds a little bit like you're running an animal halfway house for troubled and problem pets! Such adventure!


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