blog slacker

Oh I am such a blogging slacker...I have so many interesting things to blog about...Christmas makesies photos, randomness about what I am eating, doing, cooking or creating...I could tell you about how I sorted my sewing box (I received a lovely sewing basket for Christmas), cleaned off my "inspiration board" (inspiration for those of you who need it!) and watched my new favorite show. Or perhaps I could tell silly little stories about my kids and how Jude is reading chapter books and how I can not keep up with his pace or perhaps how Delsie talks nonstop 99% of the time about a great deal of nothingness. The weather has been rainy and uninspiring thus no photos and I have been a bit out of sorts...weary, grumpy and a bit on the lazy side., However I have found some amazing new goodies on the world wide web...lovely little doors, a way to feed the world and a fun little time waster. Oh and have you seen this book, seen this site or heard about this. See I have been busy with the www. I promise I will return with real photos of my real life with a real story or two. In the meantime happy hyperlinking (clicking on the colored words to find web treasures...a treasure hunt so to speak!).


  1. Something freaky to add. The kids might like this one:


  2. Oh, gosh!!! Thank you, thank you! I love your links, how do you find them?! I am so inspired now I am freaking out!!!! Yay, happy, happy inside, thank you!


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