because it's Tuesday

Because it's Tuesday and because it's a dreary day and because I was grocery shopping without children I picked up a wee bit o' sunshine.
Sometimes a girl has to buy herself a bouquet of flowers.
I have a really hard time choosing favorites...of anything...but Gerbera's are definitely in the top 5 in the favorite flower category.
Hmmm...I wonder what the others would be...sunflower, peony (but I can not grow them here!!), lilac (again won't grow here!), cosmos and I suppose gerbera.
See I can't even narrow the list to top 5.
I have the same problem with books (obviously the Bible, Poisonwood Bible, Anne of Green Gables, Can you Drink This Cup?, The Kite Runner...) and movies (Dead Poet's Society, Sabrina, Miss Potter, Princess Bride, Jerry McGuire, Family Man...).
Even with food, clothing and music I struggle.
I can say my favorite friend is my husband and obviously I have a favorite son & favorite daughter and ditto for parents.
Do you have a true favorite anything? What is it? Does it change?


  1. those flowers are gorgeous!!! top five flowers in no particular order gerbera, tulips, gardenias(those were my moms favorite),sunflowers, and white daisies (there so friendly)

  2. See I forgot all about tulips...maybe I need a top 20 list!

  3. Top five....ha, ha! I am way too scatterbrained to ever come up with a list, it changes daily!
    Though I agree with you on the son and daughter and hub part;)

  4. Enjoy your favorites!
    I have a few favorites that have lasted for a very long time:
    Favorite author - Mildred Walker
    Favorite Footwear - Target's cheapo flip flops
    Favorite comfort food - soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

    The rest of my favorites change periodically.

  5. I bought myself flowers the other day too! I copied my Mom, who copied you with the little vases all throughout the house. Joy and sunshine everywhere you look!

  6. Because it's Friday, I finally got to catch up on your blog. My favorites... hmmm...
    Fruit - strawberries
    Comfort food - mac and cheese
    Pasta - fetticini alfredo
    Current Canadian tv show - Design Inc on HGTV.


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