another year

There is something about the end of the year and the beginning of a new year that causes me to stop and think about the past and of course the future. 2007 was a big year actually all years seem to be that way but last year I learned many new things, traveled to new destinations and accomplished many new tasks. Here is a somewhat incomplete off the top of my head list:
  • learned to sew...took classes, completed many projects and accumulated oodles of fabric
  • finished a 1/2 marathon in October and a gruelling 7 mile race in the spring
  • hiked Half-Dome...brutal
  • took up the fine art of blogging
  • Travelled to Kauai, Cambria and Camp Sierra
  • vacationed with the kids...Disneyland...a first-time-as-a-family adventure
  • read numerous amazing books "Plenty", "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle", "The Kite Runner", "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" to name a few
  • learned to make homemade yogurt and at-home lattes
  • started shopping with a "local/in season" bent...still learning of course
  • raised chicks into egg laying hens
  • had cataract/glaucoma surgery and purchased bifocals
  • became the mom to a kindergartner
  • made new livelong friends
  • attended "Peter and the Wolf"
  • this is not a goal but was offered pot 3 different times by 3 different people in the course of about 3 weeks...am I in high school or something?

You get the idea...there are so many that I can barely recall all the newness of 2007 now that 2007 has become the past. What will 2008 hold for me? I have an idea or two of goals I want to accomplish and plans I wish to see through such as...

  • memorize 25 bible verses/portions
  • master bread making
  • learn a new craft...Gocco perhaps?
  • battle the bulge...an ongoing yearly goal
  • kick Iritis's a**
  • travel to Prague
  • hike the 5 highest "hills" in the bay area
  • learn to keep my "inbox" clean; documents cleaned up and take control of my "bookmarks"...seriously folks it is out of control
  • pursue a simple, less cluttered, less consumer driven lifestyle
  • adopt a more grateful heart

Again not a complete list for only God knows my tomorrow and in His hand I will rest.

Here's to 2008 and how the year will unfold.


  1. Oh my gosh, good luck!! What an amazing list, you should be nominated for awards, not me!

  2. Yes, here is to a new year to be filled with: happiness, joy, knowledge, fun and lots of achievements. Cheers!!

  3. Can you sign me up for some of those goals too, particularly the bulge one? Seriously, goals are a admirable thing.

  4. Chatty...Gocco is a printmaking craft...Japanese in origin...google it...very cool.


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