when moms rock out

There is a big misconception floating around out there in the great big world about me regarding video games and how it is unlikely that I play them or that I would never allow my kids to play them...especially on a school night. I see how this misconception may have come about since I do have many rules about TV/video watching and what kind of toys enter our home. But little do you know that in fact I like playing video games...in fact when I was pregnant with Delia there are photos of me sitting around with my big belly hanging out feverishly playing Jak & Daxter...trying to complete the game before the baby was born.
So when the subject of Wii came up for a Christmas gift option I of course was already on board...Tough sell. On Sunday we opened our family Christmas gift from Grandpop...ta da a Wii that had been stashed in our closet. Wahoo. We spent the afternoon creating mii's and playing wii. Great fun.
Last night after our new Wednesday evening ritual, my gal pal Karen & I rocked out the wii and with our avatars attempted to whoop each other in an all out girl boxing match. A little cow racing, mii search game and boxing...an evening of laughter, peppermint bark and trash talk.
Jab right, then left...Pow!!


  1. Leon the Dog RehabilitaterDecember 6, 2007 at 4:53 PM

    Hey Nicole,
    Who won the bout? You are multi-faceted and a good boxer. I can't wait to have egg salad sandwiches from your chickens! Gili stood up last night! Woo hoo!

  2. I can't believe you are watching Project Runway without me! I feel so abandoned. You and your Wii ways are just not what I expected from you. Aufiderzein! Actually, I did know of your love for video games, a pretty mild vice but a good one!

  3. Ha, ha that is too funny! We love it here too though I restrain myself because I could become a game addict. Dave actually developed tennis elbow playing wii bowling! Try explaining that one to cooworkers and clients!

  4. Wow, Nicole boxing. Such a voilent game... tee hee. Just kidding. I hope your enjoying your new Wii game with the whole family. I wish I had more time to visit.


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