when kids rock out

For those or you out there that think I never let my kids decorate with food dyes and crazy sprinkles...I do...come on it is Christmas after all. Granted this photo could be the kids from down the stret but believe me they are mine...oh yeah and Erica's kids...and yes the sprinkle/frosting mess was made at her house...but I could have the chaos at my house...really I could! Maybe next year. Actually there wasn't a big mess the kiddos let their creative juices flow and Erica planned ahead with plastic wrap and paper plates. Thank you for planning and hosting!

Ta da! Sugar bliss! Delish I might add!
The above cookies were part of Friday's endles activities as were the 10 dozen additional cookies I baked (not mention peppermint bark, a couple dozen scones and these yummy treats) for today. This morning kicked off with a cookie exchange...I came home with potato chip cookies, trio cookies(variety of jam print) and chocolate balls. By noon I was at the second tea party (in the form of bridal shower) of the day. Basically I have consumed sugar for the past 48 hours and while on the high of sweets accomplished all sorts of projects and now I am tapering off...ready to crash! Goodnight!


  1. THe cookies look delish for sure but not as delish as seeing you in about a week. Actually a week exactly. Yippee!!

  2. Wow! Yummy and wow! You are so busy!


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