snickerdoodle dandy

I am in a Christmas cookie mood and to top it off the hanker'n of late is cinnamon sugar...what could be better than a warm snickerdoodle? Sharing it with a friend over a cup of espresso...Thank you Karen! Tragically, and because I can NEVER learn, I overcooked 2 trays of snickerdoodles which in this house equals bad wifery (is that the right word??). Dear John loves his cookies soft and chewy not crispy as a result of a inefficient multi-tasking wife. Yes, I have a timer...several...microwave, stove, wind-up, alarm clock you name it. Bad, I know. I will get better I promise. A New Year's goal perhaps. Time will tell!

The microwave timer is on even now as I write...I am whipping up a batch of cinnamon muffin thingies...recipe & photo on tomorrow's post if the new recipe is worthy.

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  1. If that's what John has to complain about- crispy snickerdoodles- I think his life and wife are pretty good!


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