Before I rant on I must reiterate that I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

I have this mental to do list of Christmas things I want to make, do, see, listen and attend with the kids. As days pass by I realize that I am not going to get all the things done I want to get done. Some things will get squished in between the regular everyday to-do's and some things just will not happen...the regrets of the season. The to-do's I just have to wait for another year to do. There are only so many days in a week and only so many hours in a day and this month is passing far too quickly. Somehow the Dec 1 on Saturday threw me for a loop-de-loo and we are heading north to Nan & Papoo's on the 20th. Really that only leaves 2 weekends to jam pack full of activity...I am good at the multiple events on one day though I'd rather not be. I want to savour more.

Here is my mental list to do with the kids:
-go to "The Nutcracker"
-make paper snowflakes (a tell a story about Auntie Wendy and her snowflakes)
-listen to Christmas music
-memorize "the Christmas story" in Luke
-make oodles of cookies
-hand make cards
-go to a Handel's Messiah sing-along
-go to SF and check out the store windows in Union Square
-make a gingerbread house
-make an advent calendar together
-take goofy "holiday" photos
-go to the carousel
-drive around to look at Christmas light
-go to the church's Christmas production
-go to a tree farm to choose a Christmas tree

This is in no way an exhaustive list just a few scattered thoughts and ideas...on the flip side there are so many Christmas things we have done. My children are not deprived.
As we have..

-attended "The Nutcracker" on Saturday...simply a wonderful time with friends
-listened to "The Nutcracker" music and "Peter & the Wolf" story on CD
-read oodles of Christmas books...everyday a selection is made from the basket of books under the tree
-listened to oodles of holiday music...our own sing-along
-made cards, thank you notes and gift tags
-Jude & I will attend "Peter & the wolf" on Sunday (a first for me!!)
-chose our tree from the local "Big Lots" parking lot and decorated it together
-celebrated gift giving at least 4 times with different family members
-enjoyed eggnog for breakfast
-talked everyday, numerous times a day about Christmas...what it means...where we will go...what we will give...who will be there.

There are songs, comments, ideas and conversations daily about this wonderful season. I can not do all things, be all things to all people or bake all things. I can see another upside to homeschooling though...more flex time perhaps. I don't think my kids will miss building a gingerbread house or making snowflakes...the thought hasn't occurred to them yet...next year I will start the day after Thanksgiving to get my holiday to-do list accomplished. Speaking of which I need to get sewing if I am to give gifts this year!!

check out my new shoes...an early Christmas gift from my sister-in-law...my fancy shoes & I were waiting to see "The Nutcracker".

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  1. What a list I'm quite impressed! I'll join you for the Handel sing-along one year, that's a big tradition in our family.


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