late late late

It is late in the day or shall I say early the next day and I have just packed my sewing machine and supplies up...cleared the desk and dustbusted the floor beneath my table. I am officially done sewing/crafting for "makesies" Christmas. Sadly, I did not make all the projects as originally planned but I did try a ton of new things...like applique and zippers. I can not show photos until after the 25 th! Gifts & surprises...hurrah! I love this time of year.

We head North tomorrow for a Bateman/Light Christmas...just like the old days but more people, a different location and we are missing Jer's family. Let the togetherness begin. The more the merrier!

Isn't this dress lovely...I read about it here and decided that Delsie MUST have it...indeed she shall...it arrived today from ONEiTY. Darling!

Okay, I am off to bed and off to Canada...catch you on the flipside.

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