a cruis'n I shall go

Yesterday John & the kids surprised me with my early Christmas gift...Jude & I had just arrived home from "Peter & The Wolf" at the SF Symphony (which was wonderful...Jude is a true music lover!) to find this waiting near the tree just for me.

Watch for me cruising down your street on my fancy Nancy pink bike...I was surprised and of course thrilled...John is so good at picking gifts for me. I can not remember the last time I got a brand new bike...Mom do you recall? I think it was a blue 10 speed when I was a teenager. I do have a bike but now I will be styl'n and groov'n. This (torn from the catalog) is hanging from the fridge as a hint my family (but I heart the bike), which I guess I will have to order for myself!!! Is that allowed so close to Christmas???

Christmas is apparently everyday around here as we open presents as they arrive...sort of...we are not hauling everything to Canada only to haul it back home...except the kids gifts...which is a good thing because I think I would have spotted my new bike hanging on the back of the car! Thank you family.xoxo


  1. Nice Job John! I love the bike.

  2. SWEEET ride girlie. Can you customize it with some optional metallic tassels or a daisy basket? Seriously, I'm jealous.


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