the cinnamon kick continues

So these cinnamon puffs do not look like the magazine article/recipe but they are pretty tasty and I will make them again...perhaps a brunch?!
Last night we watched a movie, we were pretending it was the weekend!! If you have not seen this movie get yourself to the video store or to your online DVD rental site of choice and rent it...moving, powerful and thought provoking. Such determination and passion in William Wilberforce's life.
Iritis/eye surgery update: my eye is healing and my sight is back and improved in my right eye, soon I will get a new glasses lens. Although my eye pressure is up the Dr is able to control the pressure with eyedrops, massage and oh weekly eye injections...you got it...a needle in the eyeball once a week. Lovely. Actually this week it was 2 needles...one to numb the eyeball and one to inject the anti scar tissue medications. I was brave and the pain was minimal, especially since last week the injection brought on a migraine. No Iritis flareup to report. I am on the road to recovery, perhaps someday I can wear contacts, makeup and pluck that eyebrow!

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