Christmas nuts and all that jazz

No, I have not fallen off the blogosphere...just on a family holiday...of course I could have blogged but I didn't...sorry. Now, of course so many things have happened in the past 10 days I hardly know where to begin and quite frankly would rather not inundate you with the minutia of a family car trip and family Christmas. I will tell a tale or two an summary I suppose...in a nutshell.

The car trip was long of course but this time we used Dramamine for Delsie (not until she had vomited all over herself, her seat and John's backpack!), full length DVDs (the likes of Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web on the laptop), books on CD (The Mouse and the Motorcycle...3 times at least) and "kids meals" at various fast food chains (golden arches (gag); Burgerville (yum-o) and Starbucks (oh heaven). The weather was fair most of the time (some rain & snow), which was good since we forgot our snow chains at home! The border crossings were a breeze and the ferry sailings were uneventful. We logged a mere 2000+ miles!

As for the family part...what a hoot...up to 18 people spending the day (11 spent the night the others got a respite) together for a week...as you can imagine a lot of fun, laughter amuck, a couple of church services (our kids lit the advent candles at my folks church), oodles of food (turkey & fixings, ham, land-of-nod, poppycock,chocolate and lots of coffee...too much food...a blog post unto itself), numerous wii & risk & scrabble games, a bit of chaos (5 kids age 6 and under) and an argument or two (all resolved). Ah family! What joy! Christmas day itself was just as we had imagined with all the appropriate traditions in their proper place...highlights included a yummy breakfast (thank you Sara); Luke 2 (verses 8-14 recited by Jude); singing Christmas carols, a makeies Christmas (Uncle Jon made pj pants for all the adults!); a homemade castle (thank you Papoo) and cousins to share the day with. This list is in no way complete but you get the idea. What a privilege to have a God loving family, a big family and the opportunity to share the holidays together. Thanks Mom & Dad for all the traditions, food and for giving up your personal space for Christmas 2007.

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