Last evening as I scurried out the door the postman dropped a parcel on the step...a surprise package and who could it be from...a faithful blog reader. Thank you! I love parcels, surprises and of course chocolate. What a treat. I think I need to watch "Chocolat" again. I love that movie.

Before school I promised the kids they could have hot chocolate after school...the ultimate after school snack but Molly and couldn't wait for after school. We had a big morning of craftiness planned and we needed an energy boost...a wee bit of sugar and of course yummy homemade cornmeal buttermilk scones perhaps. Delish!

Take a closer look of the most delectable hot chocolate ever! Divine with bit of whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate. The gift within the parcel was definitely a big hit for everyone!

With chocolate in the system I settled down to a day of sewing projects...hemmed pants, worked on a handbag gift and finished up these zippered pouches...day of sewing/crafting...mission accomplished with all while visiting with friends. I did manage to squeeze in some Wii too...of course!
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  1. Just looked at your Christmas tree and was reminded of the Charlie Brown (or should I say Bateman) Christmas trees at Christmas with the Bateman family growing up. I am looking forward to seeing you over the holidays and reliving all of those memories. It is about time that we handed down the traditions to the next generation. "This is a fork." Tee hee heee.


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