an update

This will be quick as my eyes are weary...I can barely open my right eye but that should improve with time and copious amounts of medicated eye drops! My left eye is tired from the extra work. Remember a few blogs back when I was anxious for "quiet" and "still" time...well my prayer was answered and now I am out of my mind...I can not be still. It's one thing to sit and flip aimlessly through a magazine, web surf or read and it's entirely different beast to just sit and be. I am trying to be patient. The house is quiet, I have no where to be and I can still eat chocolate!
All in all I am feeling better...I had a wee fever yesterday which didn't help...not today though. A few more days and I should be back to my usual self. Okay, that's it my eye can't look down anymore. I have a nap in my future. Thanks for your prayers and gifts of goodness.


  1. Nicole,
    Maybe this is a chance to get back to time with your Father, as you talked about before. Seize the opportunity! Praying for your eye to quickly heal.

  2. Be still...and rest...and heal. Love to you , Nicole!

  3. Ahh, you poor thing. Glad to see that Jon stepped in (for the faithful readers). I do hope this helps your ongoing battle. I will be down in early December and will definiatey have to stop by and have some "girl" time.

    Wishing you the best... do you have to get teh other eye done too?


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