Last week in Muir Woods be saw 100's upon 100's of ladybugs crawling all over the fence...quite an amazing sight to behold...I, of course could not see that well but my trusty husband captured this remarkable photograph (and the following one). The kids were delighted by the ladybirds, although I will say there were folks watching the bugs with no respect for nature...allowing kids to squish the ladybugs and mad clamoring on the fence...come on people get a grip! Every spring we release ladybugs in our garden in hopes that they will eat the aphids and not fly away...ahh spring and gardening, that seems so far away but trust me I can wait as my favorite holiday is upon us.
As a Canadian I have mocked the American tradition of putting up one's tree right after Thanksgiving...before December 1st...but here I am anxious to haul (have John haul down) out the decorations, pick a tree, crank the tunes and let the festivities begin. Come Friday eve we will have our tree. I have issues though...I do not like the kids to help with the decorating of the tree because, well, because I am a control freak. Slowly, with each passing year I allow them to join in...stayed tuned for this year's showdown Mommy vs kiddos!
As my post title states, I am try'n to get back in the swing of things. I am 2 weeks post-op and on Monday I was feeling fine...dressed up a bit, shopped, craft projects with the kids, you name it. Yesterday, I decided I could volunteer in Judah's classroom, take a friend to the park, run all over the neighbourhood and finish the day at the ophthalmologist still in tip top shape. Clearly I overdid it...surprise surprise...the doctor's appointment was a bust...turns out my eye pressure is increasing due to scar tissue build up (we knew this would happen) so I had to start a 5 week course of injections into my eyeball...sounds like fun right! Brutal! I am a bit of a wimp I admit but this was almost unbearable...I chanted to myself..."please Lord, help!" and "I can do this, I've given birth.". Clearly I survived and apparently the first time is the worst and it gets better from here on out. Good thing because I finished yesterday with a whopper of a migraine and hit the sack by 6pm. Migraine days always result in a post migraine day (today) where I am a wee bit off...shaky, headachy and tense. I will survive and tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. Awesome pics! And wow, I cannot imagine a needle in the eye, will pray for strength for you!!!! I have the creepy crawly's all over...Ok this is probably not helping, I will shut my big fat mouth right now!
    I hope it does get better, and your eye heals properly.


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