Quieter, simpler laid back days yet filled with mini to-do's checked off the list...you know those little nagging things like lining your cutlery drawer, putting photos into the album, washing the shower curtain, cleaning out your inbox and re-hanging your magnetic knife bar. Silly little 7 minute tasks but finding those extra moments takes too much energy for the average day. I am focused on tying up a few odds & ends before my surgery on Monday (since I have to slow down next week)...I am having glaucoma and cataract surgery in my right eye on Monday...my shining moment as Pirate Mommy...a very sedated pirate mommy.

The captain of my pirate ship...as soon as he got home and changed out of his uniform, he pulled out his new library book... a "Nate the Great" book. I love the concentration. (and the light). I just picked up this great book for him. Delightful.

I mustn't forget the ragamuffin pirate princess. Most of the afternoon she was queen of the chatterbox, mistress of her world, throwing her stuffed animals a themed birthday party. The poor dear, I rocked her world today when I informed her that there are more mermaids than Ariel so I showed her this mermaid. Guess what she wants to be next Halloween?


  1. Aww, I love your blog, you always make me smile and your photography is so inspiring! I hope your surgery goes well and recovery is quick.

  2. What a great photo of the reading boy!

    I love the mini to-dos. There is such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you can knock 5 or 10 things off your list in one day, even if they are only 5 minute tasks.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Nicole. That mermaid costume is amazing, too. Hey, when you make one for Cordelia, make one for Lola at the same time, K?

    Let me know if I can do anything for you whilst you are dealing with surgery stuff...



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