Good Thursday

Top of the morning to you all.
The amazing thing about migraine meds is they whoop that headache and leave you with oodles of energy. By late afternoon yesterday I was cooking supper, making granola (see above), heating milk to make yogurt (see above), baking chocolate chip cookies and helping the kids with math/numbers work. Perhaps slightly manic but boy oh boy did I get to enjoy the fruit of my labor with the yummiest breakfast ever. So satisfying to eat what you make.
Come on over for a bowl...if you are lucky I may just whip you up an eggnog latte.


  1. If I could, I would drop everything and come over NOW to have some granola. If only Tallulah had not tossed her breakfast all over the school parking lot. So I'm home with a barfer. Probably better not to infect your house...can I get a rain check on the granola???

    So glad your migraine went away...

  2. Oh how I want me some yogurt, granola and berries in a cup with an egg nog latté on the side. Sigh, looks and sounds so good!

  3. Oh, my gosh, that looks so yummily scrumptious! Glad you are back on top!


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