I can not believe my poor little eyeballs but Dixie laid her first egg...on Thursday. See she was a late bloomer after all. I was resting my weary eye and the cacophony from the backyard startled me awake...what are those crazy chickens up to...I didn't think much of it until I ventured out to the coop later and much to my delight saw a blue egg...sadly she stepped on it and it was cracked and sadly I did not photograph the event because it was too much work to stumble back into the house and fuss with the camera etc etc etc. You will just have to take my word for it or ask the kids. Dixie laid another blue egg today and since I am stumbling less (vision is improving) I tried to take a photo only to discover that both cameras are in the car and John has the car! Alas...what is a girl to do. I asked for "still time" and I had surgery and had to be still. I asked to "slow down" and now I can't take, upload and transfer blog worthy photos. I think there is a lesson here.

I am on mend...the whimpering is to the minimum and the nagging is only necessary from time to time. I value all the help, meals and general thoughtfulness y'all bestowed upon our little family. I think by this time next week I will be purging closets, sewing Christmas gifts and digging in the garden. Yesterday the Iritis specialist gave me the "thumbs up", no Iritis flare-up, which is an answer to prayer. In fact, the Doctor remarked on the lovely job the surgeon performed on my eyeball and glaucoma valve. How special! My eye is open more each day and I am cutting back on meds (Yahoo!). Good bye Iritis, hello new prescription!


  1. Congrats Dixie!

    Glad your getting better Nicole. You have been in my prayers. So glad to hear the good news about no iritis.

  2. I didn't know chickens could lay blue eggs. Weird!


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