Arg! Ahoy!

Jude was a fruit bat with vampire bat tendencies!

Delsie was the cutest pirate you ever saw...if I do say so myself.

I tried to "be the best I could be" and I made the bat wings (cape) and sewed snaps on a shirt. Jude is quite particular about costume choices and I was worried that he would be disappointed but alas he loved his costume...especially when we added face paint! Delsie was set from the get-go on the Pirate idea...not a girly costume...I made the vest...lined with former bridesmaid material (thank you mom for sewing that dress for me many moons ago and Natalie wherever you are I hope you care about recycling!).

Homemade is the way to go for this family!

Whoosh went the bat and "Arg" went the girl, into the night.

Trick or treating cousins...let the merriment begin...a witch, a bat, a monkey and a pirate...sounds like a Disney show in the making! Oh the loot they collected...the Halloween Candy Fairy will be thrilled to pick up her candy tonight...I wonder what gift she will leave in exchange...perhaps a book and a fairy!

I must show you my first ever applique...good thing it was a costume!


  1. That is indeed the cutest pirate I have ever seen -- what a great costume! Great bat too...um, have you recently read Stellaluna at your house??
    We had Ronaldinho (Brazilian soccer star), a pirate, Cinderella, a ladybug and a monkey. It was great. And exhausting. Thank God it's over.

  2. Amen! When did Halloween become such a big deal?

  3. that dress was recycled more than once. it was my grad dress at one time. long live the gold dress!


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