2nd try Jude & Mom day

Today was a rare Jude & mom day...the "holiday" was parent/teacher conference and Delia had school. Basically the day was a glorified run around and get errands done day but Jude & mom day sounds more delightful.
A day of toy shops, Target, hot cocoa, Ikea, farmer's market to pick out apples, Chinese food for lunch and playing in the park to name a few adventures. I cherish these days.

He thinks he is a superhero!
Earlier, after the consignment toy store he commented, "Mom, I need a toy that transforms into another toy." So sweet, the child doesn't know "Transformers" the toy yet but knows the word transform and knows that his schoolmates have them and so he ought to. He makes me smile.

At the farmer's market Jude sampled persimmons for the first time and helped pick the perfect long awaited "pink lady" apples. We heart "pink ladies".

Lunch in the park...food tastes so good when eaten outside. Yum

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