Remember the wee little "brown paper package tied up with string" giveaway...remember my cousin Jody was the big time winner? As promised, a photo of the loot...

A robot tote (design by my ever talented sister Wendy), good things magazine, velvet ribbon, chocolate and more chocolate, a vintage bird and terrific Martha pen! I also sent a few goodies for the kids in Jody's life. Stay tuned for future giveaways!


  1. One lucky winner, what great look, whoot!

  2. loot, not look, sheesh! I should proof read!

  3. I am a bit jealous as I have wanted one of Wendy's creations for ever so long. The chocolate looks mighty fine too.

  4. I am so excited to have a Wendy original - so cool! The little magazine full of ideas was so very inspiring, too!

  5. noticing the theme in your blog - busy vs. sill - got me to thinking.

    i wonder why you are so wrapped up in the idea of being quiet/still.

    why try to force yourself to slow down?

    it seems to me that at this stage in your life combined with above and beyond choices you have made (2 small children, husband, ++# of pets, classes, blog, fitness) that slowing down is not a valid option or obtainable reality.

    do you truly want to be less busy?

    i do not believe that being busy is inherently wrong unless of course you are being "busy" for the wrong reasons like finding your identity in your business.

    one of the best talks of heard was about how we (society) used to be obsessed with "toys". whoever has the most toys wins. now we have shifted to thinking that whoever is the busiest wins.

    i would love to hear what others think out there.

    this is coming from a girl with an easy and simple life (so far). i have an enjoyable marriage. i don't have children. i love my job. i have great family support. i have good friends. i always sleep through the night (or day if i'm working night shift). i can walk to most things i need in my life.

    big love

    p.s. i am sort of obsessed with your blog it feels sort of like voyeurism except for the fact that you are filtering and selecting what we see and read.


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