I heart autumn

The days of autumn are upon us, with Halloween mere days away and the time change just around the corner. I delight in the fall colors, pumpkins on stoops and the apples, pears and squash at the farmers market. In California fall also brings us the green instead of "golden hills". I heart autumn.

Do you know what this little creature is?

A monarch butterfly in caterpillar form! On it's favorite plant...Milkweed!

Two of these caterpillars have been hanging around on this particular plant in our front garden, we are waiting to see a cocoon. Soon I hope.

First, Praying Mantis now monarch caterpillars what will be next? We get a bunch of different butterflies, several kinds of bees and an assortment of bugs (the good, bad & ugly variety). You know what that means right? A pesticide free garden. Just compost (full of chicken & rabbit poop), neglect, California sunshine and a few native plants here and there. Perhaps next year I will take my gardening more seriously. Speaking of which, anyone have extra fava beans kicking around? I need to enrich my soil for next summers veggie crop.

I am reading an interesting book , "The Last Child in the Woods"...causing reflection on my own childhood and the freedoms we had on the acreage, backyard and the endless parks...Fish Creek, Babbling Brook and the playground on the backside of our cul-de-sac. I am grateful my parents took us hiking (even if I did complain about my new white Keds getting dirty...who hikes in new white shoes???). One early outdoorsy memory I have is a walk in the Quapelle Valley with my parents (and possibly my sister) and walking by an old church on the hillside. I wonder if that church still exists. Mom?? We are trying to create outdoor memories with our kids, even though these opportunities happen frequently there are still many more missed chances for exploring in the great outdoors. Of course, the longer I ponder missed opportunities the more I rethink homeschooling... okay! okay! the more I ponder anything the more the brain starts awhirling with a 1000 ideas and plans...next thing you know I have "dreamed up a scheme" in which we have 7 kids, raise our own meat on our sustainable 7 acres in Missouri in which we spin our own wool, keep bees and make computer paper for our solar powered computer. I do not lack imagination. I am an idea woman I just need someone to make the plans a reality!! In the meantime I have 2 costumes to finish up,load of laundry to fold, a stack of papers to sort and a kitchen sink of dishes to wash.


  1. I totally understand the whirl-wind brain! And really wish I had a way to carry out half of those dreams.
    Was that little church grey with a red roof?

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  3. oops, to view that comment propperly you have to read the comment on the post page. Ack!
    Couldn't make it work in the pop up page. Sorry for making a mess of you comments. I am going to bed!

  4. Oh, idea woman, your ideas make me smile. My mind often strays in similar ways! If only there was a good way to handle the laundry in that idyllic, sustainable lifestyle. Maybe nudists are really on to something?!


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