I am a finisher

I am a Nike Women's Half Marathon Finisher and I have the Tiffany's necklace and finishers tee to prove it...oh yeah and some photos from the big race.
Did I mention there was approximately 23,000 participants (and I didn't win!)
...mostly women...some ran...some walked...some jogged...
some raised oodles of money with Team in Training.
Wendy, Laurie & I ran a little and walked a little more...
we finished the 13.1 miles...in about 3hrs 50 mins.
Everyone is a winner!

6am at Union Square with the thousands.

Check out my quadruple chin...I need to be running!

Oh the energy! Oh the excitement!

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  1. Nicole,

    Three cheers for you! Amazing. I am in awe of you for many things, and this is another I can add to that list. You are beautiful and God did an amazing thing when He created you. I can't imagine this world without you! Go, Nicole, Go!

    I don't think I could crawl 13 miles!


  2. Congrats, Nicole! Your report is inspiring. You are inspiring!

  3. Woo hoo. Congrats! You finished and that's the most important part... but what's the story with the necklace?

    13 miles, 3 friends and "slightly" over 3 hours. Awesome.

  4. The story with the necklace...if you finish the race you receive a neclace, designed by Tiffany & Co, handed to you by a man in a tuxedo holding a silver platter!


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