Here I sit...

Here I sit, vanilla latte in hand in the quiet of my home...Oh how I wish I could just sit here on the couch and eat cinnamon toast and sip my latte all morning. I took everyone, hubby included, to school this morning and came back home to shower before heading on to the next part of the day...helping Denise at the Tearoom, picking up friends, kids and race packets. I am enjoying the peace and quiet of my home...ahhh...the madness dissipates, the stillness settles even though I know in mere moments I must jump in the shower and dash out the door. Someday I want to take my kids to school and then come home and just sit...why hasn't that happened yet? According to Jude, I"get a home day everyday"...he thinks I sit around while he is at school. Oh, my son, you are sadly mistaken for there are errands to run, ophthamologists to visit and meetings to attend. I think I need to carve out one morning at home. I will try for next week. Today I have many things to do to prepare for this weekend...a big weekend as I am participating in the Nike Half Marathon...of course when I signed up way back in February I thought I would be racing...running most if not all of it...however in reality, I will finish and the only race is to NOT COME IN LAST PLACE. There is no real racing, as I so ill prepared. On the flip side I am walking/jogging with 2 friends, Wendy & Laurie, so we can motivate and encourage one another onward. Stay tuned for the outcome and photos! To top things off I think I am having an Iritis flare-up...which is a bit of a joke because I can never quite rid myself of the problem in the first place.

Bottoms up...my toast is finished and my latte has one last sip...the day beckons.
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  1. And I look forward to the days of kids in school, so I can sit and enjoy silence, ha ha , who am i kidding! I will be just like you I am sure!
    Beautiful painting in my mind though, you have suck a way with words.

  2. Well, at least you had time for tea and toast before running out the door. Not to mention you took a moment to share it with the rest of us your thoughts on the day.

    I spend most, if not all of my days at home now. But I still find that the work carries on too long and the husband beckons for dinner. So I guess no matter the life one leads we manage to fill it up, all to quickly.

  3. Did you take the picture of the leaf?


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