harvest fair

Petting zoo love...the girl loves animals and spontaneously hugged deer, goats, sheep, pigs and even was reprimanded for holding a chicken. We went to Sonoma Harvest Fair on Saturday for a good ole time of grape stomp'n, pumpkin toss'n and corn dog eat'n. We saw a magic show, llama best in show, watched honey bees in a hive and sampled local apple varieties.

The kids experienced their first ever Ferris wheel ride and reminisced about Charlotte's Web...more/better Ferris wheel ride photos to be posted on Picasa later this week.

A tired mama and her kids waited for their turn at the pumpkin toss...ribbons for all...except me, I watched and cheered!

We stayed until the fair started closing down for the day...aaah this is the life...the family life.


  1. Hey Nicole, love the new banner!!!
    Now for the quick fix.
    You have to go and change your template to minima strech lefty to get it to fit. I had the same issue and edited the crap out of my HTML and had to start over after wrecking it.
    Easy shmeashy fix though.
    Good luck, loved the post too.

  2. Pretty banner! Gotta love the fair...but I can't ever go without giving in to the funnel cake temptation!

  3. Hi Nicole;
    The festival sounds awesome. What town was it in? My folks live in Sonoma...
    Thanks for the yummy muffins! What a treat to come home to.
    I love the banner, too.
    You are my "blog model."


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