finally, an egg

Finally after waiting for weeks upon weeks for an egg...a pay back for all the food I have fed the chicks and the chicken poop I have cleaned up...not to mention our friend Eric (where the girls went on holiday) hens started laying eggs 2 weeks ago. I have no idea who laid this egg...a gamble between Camilla (barred rock) and Penny (Rhode Island Red)...who knows what is going on with Dixie (not a rooster but potentially a hawk!! She has a pea comb and tufted cheeks...suppose to be an Ameraucana). Hurrah for eggs...I hope they start laying daily and bigger eggs. There is nothing like a fresh scrambled egg...golden in color and in taste. Yummy! I sure talk about food a lot!

John & I had a great weekend away...of course the farm dream grew and the B&B business idea also grew. What can I say...I am a dreamer. I just need to inherit a farm in a picturesque setting. McCall Farm was beautiful...the California Central Coast is amazing. I love experiencing something new so close to home. The only commitment we had all weekend was an evening tour at Hearst Castle (did you know Julia Morgan was the architect?) and of course to pick up our kiddos on Sunday. Having freedom to go where we wanted, when we wanted was just what we needed. Sadly, I felt the pressures of life return as soon as we got home but for 2 days I was able to kick back and relax. For the sake of food I need to mention that the B&B had amazing food...fruit plucked from their orchard for breakfast...avocados on a frittata. Now that's what I call eating local! Check out a photo or two.

Treasures in the mail...I received my packet from the "Shades of Red" Swaparooni except there was a slight mix up and my sendee sent shades of orange...which works with the seasons...of course...it is October now and it is time to decorate the living room...in fact the "Autumn Totes" are waiting to be unpacked in the living room right now, but I have about a zillion loads of laundry to fold and pumpkins muffins to bake. Miles to go before I sleep.


  1. Yea for eggs! Your girls are all grown up now.

  2. What a cute little egg. I like the orange gifts, even if they aren't red!


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