the eleventh hour

Here I am at quite literally the eleventh hour...11pm that is. Are you aware that today is October 30? The eleventh hour, the last minute and I am the queen of last minute...I just stitched on the final snap of Judah's costume, which included waking him up to ensure correct snap-age! I finished Delsie's ensemble earlier this afternoon. Tomorrow I will show you the Halloween digs! Inklings as follows: the girl wants the loot and will steal your heart and the boy sleeps all day and eats fruit. Nine inklings in a clue.
I love being a procrastinator...NOT! Okay, I must love it because it is my drug, my high and my reason for insanity. This week is one of those extra kinda weeks...Jude's teacher needs my help, the tearoom is getting ready for the Holiday Preview, the kids need me because of the thrill of the Halloween Candy Fairy (you know her right? If you leave your candy out on the table for the Candy Fairy she will take the candy and leave you a present!), parties & candy...you name it. Oh and to top the madness off I just found out this week that I will be having Glaucoma & cataract eye surgery on November 12. Yep you heard me...good ole' Iritis.
Okay, sweet dreams and Happy Halloween!

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