cluck cluck

Everyday 2 of my hens, Penny (Rhode Island Red) & Camilla (Barred Rock), lay an egg. Wahoo! 2 eggs a day! Except on Sundays...usually only 1 egg...someone is taking a day of rest. As for my other chicken, Dixie (Ameracuana)...no eggs. She is the one I thought might be a rooster...clearly she is not a rooster but other than pecking in the garden and eating the feed she does nothing pet like. I can not even catch her...what is the point? She better start laying soon. I am grateful for the eggs. There is nothing like a fresh egg omelet. Golden yellow goodness. Just say no to store bought white eggs! Swing on by and I'll make you a fried egg sandwich.

These lovely ladies like to flop around in the dirt (dust bath) and scratch up everything in sight. This is why my "girls" are not truly free range...if I left them running wild I would have no garden to speak of. Worry not, the ladies have a lovely chicken run with a roomy coop and get many kitchen scraps also known as treats. Lucky birds!


  1. You are definitely nuts but hey I love you anyways. (And besides who isn't a little nuts these days)

  2. Perhaps threatening Dixie with a Shake&Bake future would inspire her to produce! Congrats on the home-grown goodness!

  3. I love that pix of the 3 of them! Don't give Dixie a hard time for being a late bloomer.

  4. Are you feeding them an egg-layer feed? Or just the cheaper chicken scratch?

  5. ioi: I give the girls stratch, lay feed and kitchen scraps!
    alex: dixie is doing the mating crouch this week so maybe I'll get a blue soon enough!
    Jen l: nutty rocks!


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