a bug

This photo was taken in September after my mom, the awesome Nan, braided Delia's hair...a task that only a Grandma can tackle, enduring the squirming child. I love the light on her. Soulful and quiet unlike real life...chatty and imaginative. The poor love is sick with a fever today and keeps complaining that her eyes hurt. When she is sick, which is pretty rare, she prefers to be left alone and opts for a movie to sooth her weariness. I am trying to be a patient nurse to her...although I must admit a sick child changes my game plan (plans!) for the next day or two. A day or two at home would be good as I have 2 Halloween costumes to either start or finish up...a pirate girl and a bat (boy). One the other hand there are field trips, pumpkin patches, tearooms, fall festivals and pumpkin carving parties to squeeze into our days.
Lately, the topic of cooking and meals has caused many discussions and led to marital discord around here. I pride myself in being a better-than-average cook but for the past say 6 months (give or take) the culinary scores have hit rock bottom. I have no idea what we eat...quesadillas and eggs perhaps. In the good old days I whipped up roasts, casseroles and stoups (stew/soup) accompanied by seasonal vegetables and baked goods. I am attempting to get my rear in gear and cook "real food" again. Part of the problem is the light reading I have done this past summer and my attempt to limit processed foods (quickie meals). Last night I joined a group of women at Dream Dinners and prepared a meal (and got one for free...tonight's dinner of stuffed flounder). Tomorrow I am going back to try out making & freezing a couple of meals to split with my friend, Erika (an amazing cook) to supplement our "quick dinner" stash. I'll keep you posted if it works or not. Am I opposed to paying money for a service I can do myself? I give my word...from this day forward, yesterday actually, to be the best I can be (that's what I tell my kids when I take them to school), making cooking a priority again.


  1. Let me know how those diners turn out. Too much pasta being eaten in this house! A friend suggested making your own "dream dinner club" with a few friends for free.

  2. I have always been curious about Dream Dinners. I especially want to know how well the food keeps in the freezer, how easy is it to put the meals together at the store and with all things considered, is it worth it financially. Can you tell I am hoping you give us a detailed review of your experience?

  3. Just thought of another question – You mentioned that you are going to split the meals with Erika. Does that mean that you both get to go and make the meals that way you like? Can three people split one set of meals? Don’t you love how I have deemed you the expert of Dream Dinners?


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